Applying Aloe Qrema

Applying Aloe Qrema

Hello Qrema Royalty!

Applying Aloe Qrema

Let me tell you how amazing Aloe Qrema is! The texture is perfectly thick yet feels light on your skin! Here's a little video of me sharing how I apply Aloe Qrema!

Aloe Qrema is made of my two favorite skin moisturizers Aloe Vera and Shea Butter. These two ingredients combine to create the ultimate hydrating and natural skin restoration qrema. Aloe Qrema is formulated for your face, neck, and chest. 

Funny back story, I thought I would've liked using the Anti-Aging Aloe Qrema during nighttime because of the rose scent. And the Rehydrate Aloe Qrema in the mornings because of the cucumber scent. But it turns out that I enjoy the Rehydrate Aloe Qrema at night and the Anti-Aging Aloe Qrema in the mornings. 

Aloe Qrema is launching January 12, 2020

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