Our Founder | Veronica is a native of tropical Puerto Rico. She grew up surrounded by lush vegetation, the Caribbean ocean and an abundance of exotic fruits and plants. Veronica has fond memories of her Grandmother who would show her how to use natural plant extracts on her skin. As a mother, all natural skin care was at the top of her must haves when purchasing beauty products, however, the 90's and early 2000's weren't as natural and cruelty free as we are today.

When her teenage daughter started to carry a beauty regimen, Veronica started to explore the art of formulating her own self care products such as body moisturizer and lip balm. This way, she knew exactly what was going on their skin and hair without any doubt of harsh chemicals or harm to animals. Veronica wants to share her labor of love and bring Qrema to humans of all ages and skin types. 

Veronica currently resides in Northern California.


We do not mass produce and store unused back stock of Qrema products. We hand craft every order and ensure you receive the freshest beauty balms with your custom scents, delivered directly to your door.