Does the winter cold weather have your hands feeling dry?

Does the winter cold weather have your hands feeling dry?

These past few days have been getting colder. We're waking up close to freezing temperatures anywhere from 34 to 32 degrees (Fahrenheit).

Winter brings us Holidays, pretty snow, and fuzzy sweaters! But winter can also dry your skin, especially your hands. Not only are we starting to deal with the extra cold weather, but we are still continually washing our hands and using hand sanitizer. Lately, my hands have been extra dry. Even when using quality soaps and hand sanitizers, my hands get extra dry, especially around my knuckles.

On days like these, I basically keep a Qrema Body Balm container in every room of my house and in my purse! It's hilarious, but it's true that and lip balm! I have Calm Face & Body Balm in my kitchen and living room, Amor Body Balm in my bedroom and bath, Escape Body Balm in my office, and Coco Lip Balm in every other room.

There is no need to keep suffering from dry, cracked skin. Moisturize your skin with Qrema Products. All-natural, freshly handmade skincare. Stop using products with harsh chemicals that only dry your skin more. Feed your skin, natural organic ingredients.

If you are struggling with constant dry hands, try an intensive moisturizing hand treatment with Qrema and hand gloves.

Qrema Intense Moisturizing Hand Treatment

Use your favorite Qrema Body Balm and lather your hands with extra Qrema. Put on your gloves for a good 5-10 minutes, depending on how much time you have. It's kind of like what you do with socks and dry feet. You can take advantage and use this time for a guided meditation or a silent meditation. Or you can use the time to stretch your body. That's the beautiful thing about doing an intense moisturizing hand treatment; it allows for a little self-care time!

Once the time is up, remove the gloves, and your hands will feel naturally hydrated. Give it a try! Your hands will thank you!


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