First Time Trying Out Qrema's Best Sellers!

First Time Trying Out Qrema's Best Sellers!

By: Isabella Stojanov

Black Rose Face Soap

With a clean face, I used the Black Rose Face Soap. It was so easy to apply! After lathering it into my skin, I can immediately feel how "freeing" my skin felt! Soon after washing my face off, my skin felt as soft as a baby's bum! Not only that, but my skin felt a little tighter (good!).

I had so much fun trying this soap out. What sold me is this soap is charcoal activated, & guess what? It's 100% vegan! Love, love, LOVE! You're welcome, skin.


Calm Face & Body Balm

This lovely face & body balm straight-up smells like lavender! No wonder how it got its desired name, "calm." It has a butter-like texture, -- nice & thick! This is the type of body & face balm that I highly suggest using right before bedtime! Because of the calming lavender scent, it's just oh-so soothing that it almost seems like a no-brainer. Not to mention how long-lasting the smell was -- & I'm talking about it all day long! Ahhh.


Escape Body Balm

Another lovely tropical scented body balm! Escape is scented with coconut & lime, the perfect marriage of tropical scents. This thick & buttery texture of the cream is excellent for those with dehydrated skin! I would suggest applying this to your feet, elbows & legs.

For all of your massage lovers... this is your calling! It's another one of Qrema's scents that I just can't get enough of!



Hibiscus Soap

This soap is, hands down, so lovely! I fell in love with the tropical scent it gives off. It has coconut oil & is even mixed with almond oil, really cool! This is another all-vegan product that had all the green lights for me. Nothing like a simple lathering of the hands, & it doesn't leave your hands clammy or sticky like any other ordinary soap I've tried.

Let's not forget what a vibrant & colorful soap this is too! It really is a tropical paradise!


Amor Body Balm

Ok, ok, ok! A must use body balm! The rose & ivy scent is just so lovely, I seriously cannot stop smelling my arms!

Amor Body Balm is vegan AF! This is the kind of body balm I like to lather myself in after my showers. Nothing better than feeling & smelling fresh, like roses, after a shower. This balm is also so light & airy. This is genuinely a must-use body balm!


Unwind Face & Body Balm

This lavender tea tree scented cream hits the spot! After a nice shower, or even right before bed, this is your pal. Especially since this has tea tree oil, this is what I mean by: before bed cream.

My skin never felt more relaxed than after rubbing this all over my face & neck. I really love the fact that it is anti-inflammatory! Why is this perfect for the face? Well, that's because there is just a hint of lavender, so light that it won't irritate the skin.

It really is perfect for winding down!

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