Our specialty is no secret!

Our specialty is no secret!


It’s no secret that our balms are a fan favorite around here- and rightfully so! Your skin needs to be moisturized. Keeping your skin hydrated is a pillar of healthy, beautiful, radiant skin. That’s no secret. With everyone in the market for a balm, lotion, or cream of some kind, the industry is saturated with products. And with so many options, how do you know what to choose? The short answer is our balms here at Qrema. Our wide range of balms means we have something for everyone, and the ingredients are top tier as well. Our customers love this product- and you will, too.

Having preferences and opinions are good things. It’s each of our uniqueness that makes our world so beautiful. We know this, so we celebrate it by ensuring you have an array of choices when it comes to our balms- it’s not one size fits all around here. When it comes to our balms, it seems we have a scent or purpose for everyone. For example, are you wanting an additional burst of energy? Our energize balm has you covered. Do you need to relax? Unwind body balm is the one for you. Is Lemongrass your go-to scent? Great, we have that, too. Plus, our abundance of choices makes trying new things accessible. You don’t have to commit to a giant jar of balm in a scent you’re trying for the first time- our differing size choices and pricing allow you to take that leap with little risk of waste. But you'll come back for it!

If you find that our balms’ scents aren’t quite for you, no worries- they can be customized! Choose your size as well as a scent or two, and we’ll do the rest. Our custom option is also a great idea for a gift- everyone loves products created just for them! Our balm collection includes so much variety, it’s nearly as diverse as us all!

Scents, feelings, and such are so much fun when it comes to beauty and skincare, but we can’t forget about the importance of ingredients. Unfortunately, harsh chemicals are everywhere, but they do not belong on your skin or in your body. Some of the largest skincare conglomerates carry products with unrecognizable contents, which, simply put, are unhealthy. These matters are not good for anyone, but unfortunately this sector of the beauty industry is under regulated, so these products make their way to shelves often. Some companies use these ingredients due to their cheap cost, but that’s a corner we won’t cut. A central part of Qrema is creating products that are natural and organic. You never have to worry about us offering dangerous, chemical-filled goods, so the same is true for our balms. We use ingredients such as shea butter, natural mineral oils, and essential oils in our creation of face and body balms. It is these ingredients that make our balms so wonderful, and what contribute to the glowing, radiant skin our customers end up with.

As we mentioned, our balms have a fanbase of their own. If you take a quick look at the reviews on our website, every single one rates the product as five stars- and that’s across the board for all of our scents! We attribute the success of our balms to our focus on options and ingredients. Together, our customers are able to purchase a product that they like off the bat, and results in glowing skin once they’ve fully experienced it. People rave about the balms, so don’t worry- you don’t just have to take our word for it. 

As you can see, here at Qrema we’re incredibly passionate about our balms! We’re proud to offer you an array of options, because we believe everyone deserves healthy, glowing skin, without sacrificing preference. We also don’t think that when it comes to something as simple yet important as keeping your skin moisturized, you should have to settle for creams with toxic, harmful chemicals. What we put in our bodies matters, so we’re committed to bringing you safe products. It’s our emphasis on clean ingredients in conjunction with product selection that makes our face and body balms a customer favorite. We hope you try it out- chances are good you’ll love it, too.

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