The Importance of All Natural Products for your Skin

The Importance of All Natural Products for your Skin

People today are becoming increasingly conscious about the food that they put in their bodies. We take such care to look at the labels, the ingredient lists, the nutrient content, etc. And yet, this care is seldom extended to the products we use on our bodies. 

Think about all the different products you may be using on a daily basis — cleanser, toner, serums, moisturizer, soaps, deodorants, makeup, the list goes on. How much do we know about what exactly is in it and how each of these ingredients affects us?

While nothing can claim to be “chemical-free” since everything, including air, is made of chemicals, we can certainly do our best to avoid synthetic chemicals that more often than not can be harmful to us. 

And if you’re still wondering, “why is it important to use natural products?” here are some of the most important reasons that may help change your mind. 


Minimal Irritation

Most skincare products that are available in the market contain fillers, sulfates, and artificial fragrances and colors. All of these can lead to skin irritation, redness, and sometimes breakouts.

More often we don’t even know what these ingredients are. So you want to apply body butter, for example, to soothe your skin but end up getting red patches, which completely defeats the purpose of skincare. 

All-natural products work with your skin and not against it. Every ingredient is carefully chosen to work to soothe our skin.


No Artificial Fragrance

Artificial fragrances are usually incorporated in skincare products to mask the scent of the chemicals. Although you may find the fragrance soothing, the ingredients used can be very irritating to your skin.

People with sensitive skin are especially susceptible to skin irritations caused by fragranced skincare. 

On the other hand, all-natural products often use natural oils such as lavender and tea tree that feed your skin with natural benefits while also giving you a mini-aromatherapy session.


Approved by Mother Earth

There are a number of reasons why natural skincare is better for the environment than synthetic products. 

Synthetic chemicals are known to damage the plants and even animals it may come in contact with. If these products seep into the ground, they can also harm the ecosystem. The manufacturing process of these products also puts a significant amount of stress on the environment and creates a lot of pollution. We’ve recently learned how damaging conventional sunscreens can be to coral reefs. 

Even disposing of these products can be harmful to the environment, such as the chemical-laden soap that goes down the drain. 

Natural products use ingredients that are farmed and manufactured in an organic manner, and thus drastically minimizes the number of chemicals that can enter the land, sea, and air.

Another major benefit of natural products is that 99% of the time they are cruelty-free. Unlike synthetic skincare, no animals are ever harmed in making natural skincare products.



So, is using natural products better? 

Well, if you’re concerned about the long-term adverse effects of conventional products on your body as well as the environment, then yes! Natural products are undeniably better. 

You can learn more about the benefits of using natural products by trying out some of the natural and custom-made products by Qrema. Carefully curated and painstakingly formulated to give you the best skincare experience, Qrema helps you enhance your best accessory — your skin!



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