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Franc Sense Body Balm

Franc Sense Body Balm

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Franc Sense body balm is an incredibly stimulating soft musk scent.

Body Balm is made with shea butter. Our Body Balm will give you an intense hydrating experience. It is made out of natural ingredients like pomegranate and mineral oils. It will hydrate your skin instantly leaving you with amazingly soft skin without the greasy feeling. Enjoy our soft and buttery balm in the choice of 2, 4, or 8 oz.

Ingredients: shea butter, mineral oils, pomegranate oil, fragrance essential oil, and natural powder

Once your order is placed one of our specialists will freshly hand blend your Qrema Body Balm.

*Contains Tree Nuts

mediano/medium    4 oz

grande/large   8 oz


Shipping & Returns


1. What happens after I place my order? 

Once you place your order, it will be prepared within 24-72 hours. Once it's prepared the order ships immediately. Since soaps need to curate, they are ready to ship, however your body balm, lip balm, hand sanitizer and linen spray are freshly hand blended for you. 

2. What if I'm not satisfied?

You can contact us within 10 days after receiving your order for a refund if you are not satisfied. 

3. Why should I use all natural ingredients?

Your skin is an organ, your biggest one at that! It is important that you use natural skincare to keep your skin and body healthy. 



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